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About Me

I'm Lewis.
You might call me a programmer, coder or developer but I like to think that I just tell computers what to do.

With innovative and inspiring ideas, I help bring companies struggling with IT into the future.

I’m an analyst who loves to have a dig around in data, but more recently I've fallen into a web development rabbit hole that I appear to be firmly lodged in.

Software Development

With a track record of customer satisfaction, I design, create and implement bespoke software solutions based on customers needs, and its never out of the box , meaning that you receive only what you need and nothing more.

Have an idea that will improve your business?

Web Development

And don't think its confined to the desktop. Why not have your idea's designed for the web, accessible anywhere in the world, available on your pc or phone at the click of a button.

I make functional web apps and websites, but hey I can always put on my designer hat ... If you twist my arm hard enough.

Business Analysis

Feel like you're constantly firefighting ?

With creative and insightful reporting and detailed modeling of your processes, we can be the agent of change and introduce new procedures that can have far reaching implications, from increasing sales to freeing up time for you do to what you do best.

Personal Life

I'm interested in anything and everything I can get my hands on, but outside work I only really find time for my passion of baking bread.

It's a real possibility that I will actually turn into baguette one day as I'm currently composed of around 50% wheat.

Current Stats

Web Dev
You could always help me level up!!


We started working with Lewis ahead of an urgent deadline and not only did he meet that deadline but the final version of the project was better than anything we had imagined it could be. Lewis is superbly talented, incredibly efficient, and a really good guy which makes working with him a total pleasure. To this day we still work with Lewis and he continually surprises us with his ideas and his seemingly limitless abilities!


Developer...|Business Analyst...|Bread Baker...